Small Scholarships for Big Chances

There is hardly enough time in one Cambodian day for our young teacher Sovann when facing his biggest trial. One week of final exams lay ahead, a week that would direct his future and hopefully meet the high expectations of his parents in their only son. I’ve never seen somebody study with such drive. 20 hours a day, being kept up only by the strength of his will. But then the discovery! The School’s mobile phone has an alarm! One who sets it to ‘3:30 am’ will reliably be woken before dawn and can learn formulas in the light of the oil-lamp, before the first rooster crows. For Sovann this was a great technological advancement. He used to sleep outside to be woken by the bites of the mosquitoes. The biggest step, however, was one that he took after he successfully passed the final exams... With a Mithona Scholarship, Sovann is now studying Business Administration in Phnom Penh.
Hendrik Heinze, Berlin

Sorya's godparenthood
Sovann’s studies have been made possible by Sorya members that together have brought to life the Mithona Scholarship program and now support him financially. By the end of 2010, Sorya wants to have given many more people the chance to study. We are looking for sponsors who could provide 5-10 Euros per month to support a student. In the next few years girls are going to be specially considered and encouraged, as they are often disadvantaged in Cambodia. All Mithona Scholarships are financed from direct sponsorship. Some of our current scholarship holders have the opportunity to work for us as teachers at the Sorya school from Mondays to Fridays. This has a positive effect on the energy and quality of our classes and keeps the scholarship costs low.
A university degree in Cambodia takes four years or more to complete. The costs, including the course fees, study books and living costs, are around $60 US (50€) per month. By sponsoring a student, you are empowering a very talented and ambitious young Cambodian to tap into their own well of strength in the area they are most passionate about. This can have an extraordinary impact on the richness of the life of the student, and also their families. It is very important for Cambodia that an honest and well educated generation can emerge, one that will be empowered to fight the ripe corruption in this country. We believe that your money is very well invested.

Across the street from the Build Bright University is the infamous Housing Unit. In the village Sovann is teaching English
In the world where our young people come from, many things are predestined through tradition, economic necessity, or else a lack of alternatives. But, by enrolling in a university degree, Sovann and the other students are starting their most exciting journey yet. For days we visit different universities comparing costs and the content of courses offered. In this confusing diversity, we are practicing something new together: the power of choice. These young people can study whatever they want, but they must first discover what this really is! Cambodian students see their future, and that of their country, in the main areas of development, business, English, tourism and IT. When their university education is complete, doors begin to open for them. Some day they may work for the government, an illustrious company, an NGO, or for their own travel agency.
Mithona means ‘June’ in Khmer. In June 2004, we began the Mithona Project. Every June students are preparing for their final exams and young Cambodians are feeling excited about the prospects of the coming years. At this same time each year, it is our goal to have found supporters for two more high achievers to instil further hope in their flourishing futures.