Sorya means „Sunlight”

Our objective “Helping people to help themselves” joins us with many, maybe all other development organisations. I don’t want to further compare our differences and similarities with other organisations – it wouldn’t be fair. They all have their own way of assisting our world that can’t get enough support in becoming a better place.
The actions of an organisation tell more about it than any of its declared goals. This is why I prefer to describe to you the path we have been taking from the start.

Poverty is present everywhere in Cambodia, but during the last couple of years rapid development could be observed in Phnom Penh and some other provincial towns. Unfortunately, only rich Cambodians active in politics and economy and not middle income groups and poor families profit from this development. 80 percent of the population still make their living from rice farming in the countryside. Their life is shortened by hard physical work, financial need, disease and a low educational background.

These people are in the focus of our relief organisation. As we live together, work together and simply spend a lot of time together, we developed a close and friendly relationship. This enables us to get to know their lives better and to find out what their wishes and aims are. Exchanging ideas, proposals and suggestions with each other enhances the development of every single one of us.

It is not difficult to buy land, to build a school or set up an enterprise as long as our will guides our mind and body. It is only natural that problems are our recurrent companions, yet we need to deal with them as soon as possible. However, it takes quite some time and patience to overcome our own limitations together which are caused by ignorance, tradition and lethargy.
It is tremendously important that development takes place in all our personalities. The potential of our help is unlimited. To help unlimited, however, is not wise, it is even dangerous for everyone involved. The limits of our activities are our virtues which we always need to preserve. No constraint must ever violate our human dignity and never should the advantage of a single person be a danger to the common welfare.

Many decisions need to be taken. With our decisions we are walking on a narrow ridge – and sometimes decide wrong. We are not a perfect organisation and we will never be, but we are learning from our mistakes which will increase as our organisation grows. As long as we honestly admit our mistakes, they are a chance for us to become better people.
Thanks to honesty, the basis of our cooperation, we are looking with courage into the future.

When the results of our work are reflected in the happy faces of the people we work together with, this is a great motivation for us to continue on our way. All of our currently around 100 members work on a voluntary basis and everyone of them wishes to make their contribution to change the world. The help of our friends, members and donors is our greatest support. I would like to thank everyone of them with all my heart.

Hi-Khan Truong, founder and chairman of Sorya e.V.