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"If I pay someone to wash the sheets, I save time, but have to raise the price ..." – a realization brought to us, among many others, from tourism student Sitha since the origin of Sorya Homestay in Tropeang Sdock. The project grew out of Sitha’s initiative and since then she has been working on perfecting her concept. Sitha has been outstanding and seeks to implement suggestions as soon as possible. One of the most important findings, thus far, is discovering how complex it can be to meet the needs of travelers. It has been often said that Sitha can be seen every morning at the laptop eagerly looking to see if new bookings have been received.

Carina Schmidt, Hamburg

Tourism is now a strong grown industry. Cambodia is much more than just visiting temples. The idea is to show people that life; the lives of the majority, everyday Cambodian population. That life is not visible in the tourist towns but witnessed only in the countryside.

Sorya’s Homestay will not only provide more financial independence, but has become a real learning project. Guests will gain access to guided tours, a good insight into the everyday life and beautiful rural Cambodia with its unique village life. To meet this target: regular food provision must be established at the desired times, roadworthy bicycles are needed and research is needed to be done on offering weekend guided journeys scaling the beautiful Phnom Chisor. These are just some of the challenges that the staff members must overcome to bring new guests in.

As the saying goes, “The customer is always right after all!”
Imagine the adventure of breakfast in a hammock on the lushes terrace of a traditional Khmer house rich with banana, cinnamon and soy milk – a unique experience for any traveler that is looking for the real Cambodia!

If interested, you can apply for the unique experience with the rural population of Cambodia, contact us at: cambodia (at) sorya.org or book via Airbnb:
We look forward to providing you with an adventure!