towards ourselves and our peers is the basis of all activities

we offer everyone the opportunity to develop and utilise their own potential

we feel in our daily work and when we observe the progress 
we are making

is what connects and motivates us

Chum Reap Sour


Welcome to Sorya! We are a non-profit, registered association based in the hanseatic city of Hamburg - Germany. We have been working on a voluntary basis since 2002 and are involved in close cooperation with our sister organisation Sorya Cambodia in the rural province Takeo, Cambodia. We support educational, economic and health projects with the aim of establishing them responsibly and in the long term.

Over 100 members are connected to us in various ways, they form the fundament of our activities. In Cambodia, we employ a young team from the region - the heart of Sorya. It is through their day-to-day work that we are able to implement projects with the utmost dedication. We support their commitment with university scholarships, further training, motivation and close cooperation with our board, members and volunteers on site.

Is your curiosity raised?

Of course, there is a great attachment to an organisation when you have personally experienced it first hand. Many of our members are former volunteers, have spent a sabbatical year abroad, are visitors to the country or are family and friends. Sorya is an experience that has left a profound impression on many. If you would like to be enriched by such a life experience yourself, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Volunteer Service

My few months living in Tropang Sdock will forever be something very special. This wonderful school filled with such amazing students and teachers made a lasting impression on me and I still miss the sound of happy and playing children at almost any time of the day. Those were very formative months for me.

We are very grateful to you for any support