We are grateful to our members for their trust and support in our organization over so many years.

Hi-Khan Truong

Founder and CEO

Membership with a big impact


The basis of our success

Together with friends and family we founded Sorya to support people in a small, rural community in the south of the country. There are now 100 members. They are our basis and help to finance the running costs of the Cambodian sister. These include salaries, fixed and material costs for schools, etc. 

It is always important to Sorya not only to put his finances into one-off projects, but rather to see his long-term goals in human resources. These advances are best observed in the developments of his employees. A daughters and sons of rural rice farmers, their careers are almost indistinguishable from those in Western societies. 

Many of the projects we have established were one of the “crazy ideas” of our volunteers & members. With a lot of commitment, creativity and cooperation with the team and people on site, it was quite easy for our members to put their ideas into practice. 

Membership can be active or passive. We discuss decisions about the use of the finances directly with our Cambodian employees at our annual general meeting of members, where every single vote counts.

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