of honesty, freedom, joy and friendship!

Today, exactly 20 years ago, we got together to give a small initiative in Cambodia a name - SORYA! 

Together with family & friends we founded an organization that supports people in a small, rural community in the south of the country. Together with our sister Sorya Cambodia, we are involved in building-up education-, care- and development projects; always in mind to give people the perspective of freedom, joy and friendship - with honesty towards ourselves and towards others!  

20 years ago, Cambodia was a country traumatized by its recent past! A country in recovery, devastated by decades of conflict. And a country whose people wanted to live their past, present & future in peace. 

Peace - a word 
whose meaning is always of the utmost importance in a person's life, is also the foundation of our happiness in our present. Our commitment is our contribution to peace and our motivation to improve our world! 

We have achieved a lot in the last 20 years. Our results are not reflected in numbers, but in personal developments of fellow human beings and our own. We would like to highlight Sorya's former employees, who proudly tell you today that they were part of our story. Coming ones from the countryside, their lifestyles are no longer different from the modern! They master their everyday life in education, in care and in projects of economic development! They founded their own families, are happy mothers & fathers and their children attend Sorya's educational programs! 

We would like to thank all of you who have supported us over the past 20 years! You made Sorya shine bright. Thank you for your time, knowledge, commitment and resources! 

A big thank you to the current and former employees of Sorya Cambodia! Your work, your connection to your homeland, makes it possible to be as close to the population as it can be. A big thanks to our families, friends, neighbors and students who will carry Sorya in their hearts far into the future!

Hi-Khan Truong – Hamburg, March 9th 2022

arkoun chraen

Thank you



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